Cheapest car insurance you ever had?

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WooleyBooley again

Right now-State Farm. Way below Gieco and all the rest.


AAA gives good rates


Farm Bureau last year, This year they went up to over 30 a month so I guess you have to keep changing companies to get the bottom rates.

YLMC jealous of DQFF

Allstate, cheapest in the long run. NO HASSLES. One call really does do it all!




Haven’t had a car yet. Turning sixteen next Friday! Yesss xD

lindsey v

USAA…but thats only if you are military personnel or veteran. I think you may be able to get it if you are a friend of mil. personnel, not sure…go to and find out. we have both a rsx and a z71 truck…we only pay $150/mo. Before that we had Geico and they had pretty good rates. Good luck!


State Farm has been great for me…!!!


The cheapest car insurance i’ve had, for me, was through a company called Bristol West. They are a privately owned company that caters to states like Michigan and Florida. When i first started with them, i was paying around $217/mo. for 6 months and then as the months went on, my insurance started dropping because i didn’t have any accidents or tickets. It got to as low as $206/mo.