How to reduce payments for young car driver insurance ?

how to minimize it ?

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You can not control your age so you have to focus on the other elements that influence the cost of insurance

1) THe car: Get an old beater that does not require repair and only carry liability. Better still get a car that rates low on insurance costs (grandma’s car vs. a rice rocket)

2) Get good grades: Good students are better drivers (statistically) so they get a better rate.

3) NO TICKETS… at your age a single ticket can be very expensive.

4) Drivers ed (?) in some states you get a discount for taking a drivers ed course… check yours

5) Check your rates each year. Dont just let your policy auto-renew, go shopping each year for a better rate.

6) Pay your bills on time. Just like credit cards, the insurance companies looks at your credit score and may factor that into the mix.

Those are the basic ones that I can think of…

Hang in there .. in about 8 years or so it will drop if you drive carefully


Drive an older car that just has liability insurance on it. Get a B average or better in school to qualify for the good student discount. And don’t get any tickets or accidents.


I don’t know your age so it is kind of hard to answer.

Here are some suggestions based on experience:

1.Your car insurance will decrease dramatically after age 23.
2.You should keep your record clean..No tickets.
3.I recently changed to Gieco and my insurance was decreased quite a bit.

Big Daddy

if you are still in school take a driver’s ed class – if not see if you can find one at a reasonable cost – if your parents have car insurance become a rider on their policy and pay them the difference – most of all shop around –

Amanda S -Insurance Attorney

Simple. Switch to Landa. Liability will run $25 a month / Full coverage $60 a month.

Hope this helps