Which is a good website to get an online auto insurance quote?

and which company has cheap rates

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Meria S

This web page has info on insurance as well as 2 on line quotes. http://www.dmv.org/car-insurance.php.

doobie true

I bet you see every Payless shoe store advertisement they throw at you. But Progressive and Geico just float right over your head.


Geico.com ….great rates great company, had em for years..


Geico.com I’ve had them for 7 years and have a very good price for auto insurance.

Gillian G

I recommend this website – it has lots of tips, links, advice and info about everything to do with auto insurance.

It pays to shop around online – make sure you get more than one quote and keep going until you get something that suits you.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


allstate.com has amazing coverage and is user-friendly

geico.com – is a good bet for reasonable quotes

Progressive.com – they not only give you their quote, but they compare themselves to other people, wether they beat their price or not

Esurance.com – cuts out the middleman, affordable insurance for all

I prefer Geico myself, but its because I drive a motorcycle.