what is the best auto insurance company?

i live in Chicago, Il and whant 2 know the best auto insurance company.

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Nationwide. When I recently lived in Ohio, I only payed $79 a month for liability but I’ve had a 50 hour driving school and was on my mother’s insurance for 2 years before I got my own policy. Plus, my record is spotless. *Knocks on wood* Those factors could make a difference in how much I pay. I never have any problems and as far as I know, they are pretty cheap. Hope I helped!


gieco and usaa.


There is no one “best” or “cheapest” carrier. You’ll have to call around, give your social security number to have a credit check, give them the vehicle information, and get a bunch of quotes to figure out which carrier is cheapest FOR YOU



http://autoinsurance.hotusa.org – here’s mine. I also live in Chicago. It’s cheap and has good customer service.


the one that doesnt know you yet


Well, Ive been working at GEICO for 2 years now. And although i would like to say GEICO, they are a great company!! But if you do get in an accident, they definitely check it out with investigation and your premium will definitely raise a good bit. So I’d have to say Allstate, even though State Farm is the #1 insurance carrier (Don’t have a clue why). The reason i say Allstate is the best is because their rates are relatively low and they always work with you for the lowest rate. Also, they are really the only insurance carrier who *gives back* and is always lowering your rate as long as you aren’t getting in accidents. They are always looking for ways to lower your rates it seems like and they have great coverage. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest insurance and not that great of coverage if you get in an accident or that terrific of an insurance carrier, Farmers would be good and the cheapest rates – but in my opinion it’s because they really aren’t that great.


I have state farm insurance, which was the cheapest for me. I only had to file a claim once when i hit a deer. everything went smoothly and I am very happy with them…

I have also had to deal with geico and progressive. both are good, but out of the two i’d have to say progressive is better. the insurance adjuster was great with me and they insure all of their repairs.


the best one is Geico
the cheapest one is mr insurance
and the worst one is direct in

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USAA – You have to be a military officer or related to one.
Geico – Buffet is/was big on these guys at one time.

Paige. I had a roomate is college 22 YEARS AGO that used to say MANG alot. Scarface baby!

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i pick pprogressive because iit your not a aceidt prouded driver you get paid for driving safe twice a year on on june then olne on december

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i’m w/erie. i think they are great. and i’m pretty sure they have a chicago location. they were the cheapest for me, and i checked about every comp there is. lol they were even cheaper than geico.


State Farm


Geico all the way.

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sure not state farm….

ummm how about progressive….

Gieko is pretty goood : )



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Geiko haven’t you seen the ads? LOL I love the Cave Men!


From my experiences with car insurance, I have found Geico to be the best, I have let it go unpaid a few times, I shamefully admit this, because everytime I did they still let me come back and everytime I came back the rate was cheaper, not only that the first time i let it go and was without insurance I called around to all the major car insurance companys and got quoted really high rates and got alot of runarounds because of my husbands driving record from 5 yrs or more years back, I had one major car insurance company tell me that it would be in my best interest to go back to Geico that it would be easier and cheaper…so I did and I have never had any other car insurance, no complaints here…..

Hope This Helps!


This is going to depend on a couple of factors. What is your criteria for the best company, the one that has the best rates, or the best customer service?

I would say overall the best one I have found so far is Progressive, as even with the monthly installment fee (only a dollar) the rates I have are the lowest there then anywhere else. Also, the amount of coverage you get with that is wonderful, including the pet coverage, towing, 24 hour claims, etc, with no additional charge is wonderful.

I have been with other companies that were also good, such as USAA and State Farm, but the rates just don’t compare. The service was good though.

As for rates, this will vary by company, and is based on your driving records, and credit history, so you will have a varying experience.


After a long time researching for the best and cheapest auto insurance company I found that PROGRESSIVE is the one. I don’t know if you can buy that in Chicago but definitely worth to check it out. You can compare insurance prices on their website too.