Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance (Any good?)?

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I recently responded to an e-mail for a free auto insurance price quote (I’m in California). I wasn’t really looking to shop around – and wasn’t planning to switch companies to save a buck or two, but I was kinda shocked when the price quote I got from Unitrin Direct (same coverage limits and deductibles) was $510 less than I’m paying now. I called and asked what the catch was and they said they sell direct with no
agents/offices and pass the savings onto the customer (logical, but obviously scripted answer). They also touted an A.M. Best “Excellent” rating, but what good is financial stability if they bungle claims (for example) or have terrible customer service? So I guess I’m looking for a little confidence – or a big fat warning – before I jump into anything. Are they reputable? Is there any objective info available about them? (I’d love any good/bad comments from Unitrin customers out there too.)

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OK, well, they’re A rated, not A+, so they’re good.

Your REAL problem comes when you have questions or claims. See, you’re acting as your OWN AGENT. You have to pick your own coverages, and give yourself your own professional advice. Risky, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That is NOT going to save you as much money as you think. I strongly suspect that if you called a few insurance companies in your area, you’d find out that there are companies WITH AGENTS that would work for you, with premiums around what Unitrin is quoting you.

Even I, an insurance agent with GOBS of experience, have my personal insurance through ANOTHER agent (that I don’t work with).

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I woulden’t do it. Like you said, AM Best rating doesen’t mean they will pay off well on claims. If you go without an agent, go with Progressive or Geico, preferably Progressive. I have always had good luck with selling it.