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(UK) Car insurance. Is it worth paying the £20 to £30 extra for Motor Legal Protection?Is this actually worth paying for or is it just a fancy extra which sounds important and worth having but is if truth be told not? Someone told me that if you are involved in an accident which be not your fault.. then… 1 motoring wrong within January 2006 how long do insurance companies?penalise. It depends on what felony you commited Depends entirely on the offence. If it is an sp30 then particularly few insurance companies now penalise that. If it is a dangerous driving or drink driving or some other serious wrong then a minimum of 5 years. as long as… A tariff levy on motor fuels, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and insurance premiums is call an?a. excise tax b. a punitive tax c. a luxury toll d. a bounty tax a duh luxury export tax Source(s): seem to remember An excise tax is a type of toll charged… Any cheap motor insurance company for 19yr prehistoric?19yrs old, licence since May ’05, planning to buy a Fiat Seicento Sporting (grp. 3), Bradford postcode. I know insurance below the tonne is hard to come by within my circumstances, but any help/suggestions would be be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Try egg I used them when I first passed my… Any one have a enquiry give or take a few motor insurance?Ive just had my vehicle insurance quote from Norwich Union Direct they quoted lb938. i rang them up and they dropped it to lb700,then i go on the web to supermarket and went on to vehicle insurance i can get the same matter from the A .A…. Are live animals covered by motor truck stowage insurance?In a case where most of 60 herald of cattle were killed surrounded by a motor truck cargo loss, are the remaining cattle, those that were not kill, excluded? Obviously you meant for death or loss of expediency. That would be covered only if live animal cargo is specifically programmed on the… Are motor insurance company solicitors allowed…?to contact, harass and threaten bailiff intervention direct with the driver who they claim cause an accident? I thought they had to business deal directly with the other insurance company. This is happening to a friend of mine who, it is claimed, and disputed, allegedly cause major damage to a policemans civilian saloon… Are near any motor insurance companies that do not nouns their policies because of speeding tickets? Swintons motor insurance have a short time ago advertise that they will not load drivers policies for speeding tickets ,supply them a ring just to check them out . With one or two exceptions, most insurers will not penalise you for a one… Are you allowed to ride a 125cc motor scooter surrounded by the UK next to in recent times a provisional License, Tax, and insurance?Or are there any compulsory tests that you hold to pass before you are official on the road. yes but it must be less than 12 B.H.P you cant ride any size motorcycle without first ratification… AskMID – Wrong Car Details on motor insurance database?I changed cars about 3 weeks ago and still haven’t received any docs at all. ring my insurers who said give it another week then thought I should check ASKMID. I enter my current car’s registration number which came up *but* the car details, spawn and model were for my previous… Australia Motor Insurance — first time?I’m buying a new car and am looking for insurance cover. I’ve gone to copious company sites and most don’t ask my speed/ticket history, just accidents. Will I obligation to send them any sort of driving history report after I buy or will they get that on their own? I’ve hear companies… Best and Cheapest Motor Trade Insurance UK?Need Motor trade insurancefor first time motor trader whats the best and cheapest im in London Uk, thanks. You need be wary when going to trade in your car to a seller. If you are not certain of the value after you can get really ripped off. Dont be suprised if a… Best quotation for Motor Insurance?Ford Focus 16V Registered 2002, 15 years’ No claim Bonus (protected). Valuation (inc. accessories) lb9000. I found Admiral be the cheapest for me. I tried all the big names and websites and they be best noticeably. Go to for comparisons. Don’t necessarily go to the cheapest though – comare them to see… Can a 17 year elderly return with motor trader insurance?Im 17, with a full license and I’m interested in buying and selling cars. But would a company bequeath me motor trader insurance? And do you know the name of any of the companys that would? Any help would be appreciated Well, possible you won’t be able to get the… Can a non policy holder translation motor insurance deatails?my wife added a third driver to my policy without permision,can she do this You are aphorism that your wife added someone as the third driver on the policy – now if your wife is the named second driver on the policy as per the expressions of insurance – she is a… Can anyone recommend a Motor Insurance company who will insure drivers after disqualification?I am trying to add a named driver to my coupé insurance. He was disqualified for 2 years for refusing to submit a blood indication. My current insurer won’t insure him. Who will? I deduce you might just have to do an internet flush, but i think… Can i claim from someones motor insurance lacking involving my own?My parked car was hit by a neighbour who admit fault. he has given me adjectives his insurance details and informed his insurers admitting liability. Can i now sort a claim directly to his insurance company without having to involve my own? Probably best to do some homework about… Can I rob an motor insurance policy on the behalf of my son.? yes. all you need is the documents of the vehicle and any one can foot for the insurance. I have not come across anyone to ask the question who are you to rate or how you are related. /Recently i have taken a cover for one of… Can my insurance company replace my 2006 sports car next to a used motor.?My volvo S 40 was involved in a flash flood. Water enter the motor. Now the insurance company wants to replace it with a used motor. Can they do that. If the motor is for your car (same year, make and model) and have been… Can someone explain why you can in a minute go and get denied motor insurance if you own committed a criminal wrong ?I was gobsmacked to find i was refuse insurance because i have an assault conviction against noisy neighbours from 2 years ago. When did this statute come out? Does that affect my driving?Only one offence and you can,t… Can someone share me of some UK motor insurance agencies that insures non eu drivers?I would really appreciate it. – try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service. Most insurance companies will cover international licence holders. The condition to this however is that you can solely drive on your… Can the motor insurance be purchased lower than another being a bit than the saloon owner?I made 2 claims to my motor insurance last year, now the insurance company do not contribute policy renewal to me, thinking about to let my wife to pickup a fresh unsullied policy on the car under my signature, she has a clean track account…. Can we claim on motor insurance company after an quirk involving drink driving?No – and your insurance company will not pay out to despoil done to the drink drivers car or any damaged third party. (UK) If you was hit by a drunk driver you can claim on your own insurance but it may effect your no claims. If you… Can you put together an insurance claim for a motor happenstance lacking have the details of the other driver’s insurer?but having all other details resembling, name of driver, address, rego number and licence number etc. As stated earlier, you can contact your insurance company and notify them of the loss. Provide them with adjectives the information you have. They… Car insurance, are they allowed to ask if you hold any convictions, save for motor ones?I have just be asked. I havent got any but find it really cheeky, I understand them asking for motoring convictions but what business is it for any other convictions? As they have to insure you they requirement to know in order to… Cheap motor insurance?hi everyone… my hubby is tinkin of getting a new mitsubishi lancer sports edition (A) as a weekend car. single problem is insurance. he’s 24yrs old n just get his license a week ago. he’s been ridin a bike for the past 4yrs but insurance companies enunciate it is not counted as driving experience. N their quotaions… Difference Between Comprehensive and TP FT Motor Insurance?I’m not an expert on this,however I would suggest you take a tour here ,there are expert’s tips in attendance. Comprehensive vehicle you are insured for any damage to your car. Third Party Fire and Theft will one and only cover damage to other vehicles and fire and larceny of your vehicle…. Do Ford transmissions and motors hold insurance until 50K miles?I have a ford mustang 2004, and my transmission have a problem, i heard that all Ford transmissions and motor are insured by Ford Company until 50K miles. So if you enjoy a problem you can go and get it fix next to no charge, is this true? How many miles?… Do I call for Legal Cover when taking out Motor Insurance?Do I need Legal Cover when taking out Motor Insurance? What does Legal Cover actual mean? Would I necessitate Legal Cover if I want to a third party accident claims company? You don’t NEED it is optional but if somebody claims off you for injury it could work out… Do I Have To Pay My Husbands Motor Insurance After He Has Died?My husband has been insured since april this year, next to his step son as his named driver. His step son had an happenstance and made a claim 3rd party fire and theft individual. Since August my husband has sadly historic away and now the insurers… More Motor Insurance quesions please visit :
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