As a new driver where can I find a very cheap car insurance policy?

I just got my liscence less than a month ago, I am a 21 year old male

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for a fairly young male Quinn Direct are meant to be quite good:
although, it will be expensive


Over the years we have found State Farm to be a very reliable insurer and the least expensive, no matter where we live. However, as a 21 year old male, your rate will be the highest it will ever be. See if you can get a discount if you have good school grades or if you take a driver’s education course, and be very judicious about which car you buy.


You not going to find one so cheap. Idk, good luck though

Wild Card

It will all depend on how much coverage you are looking for. I would suggest They can give you a quote but also have the option for you to name your price. I looked and was able to find insurance for like $60 a month, of course it doesnt give you tons of coverage and may have high deductibles but as long as you stay safe you should be alright. Check it out.


Just get the minimum liability required by law. Because you are 21 years old and (assumed) not being married, most insurance companies will consider you a high risk so you will end up paying more untill you turn around 25. They do this because at 25 they consider people to have matured enough not drive wrechlessly or to be able to drive with friends while not being easily distracted. Same for being married, they view someone under 25 being married as a reason for that person(s) to drive safely since you have reason to not be reckless ect ect. Just shop around for minimum liability if thats what you want! Good luck


Try this site

here you can compare quotes from different companies.


I use Esurance. They are the cheapest I have found. But everyone gets different rates, depending the model, and year of your vehicle. I”d check out eSurance though.