If I change auto insurance companies to get a lower rate, does that look negative on my record?

I could save about $40.00 monthly if I switch companies. I’m just wondering if that will look bad on my credit or if it will have any adverse effects on anything that will be taken into consideration for future insurance evaluations or reviews for credit worthiness. Thanks!

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Jo Jo

No it wouldn’t…

Switching auto insurance have nothing to do with your credit… they charge to your bank account at the beginning of the month if you don’t pay, then you wouldn’t be insure that month… and of course is against the law…


As long as you properly cancel your previous insurance, it will have no effect.

LaKisha D

No it wont affect anything. I have switched before and when I went to a different company they didnt even comment on it.

nurse ratchet

It will not affect your credit in any way. It is your right and privilege to pick your own company and agent. If this is a good company, go for it. That is a savings of almost $500 a year. Please make sure you are not giving up any coverage so you don’t find out the hard way – after you have a claim.




No, as long as you have no lapse in coverage, it should be fine.

sanjana k

well logically it should not have any affect, if you wanna have a look at great auto insurance quotes at discount, here is the link for discounted car insurance shopping…