Car insurance for young female Driver?


My 17 year old daughter has just passed her driving test yesterday. We got her a small car, a 03 plate Ford Ka, which she is to share with her 16 year old brother and sister when the pass.

Does anyone know of any good insurers for her we tried confused, tesco compare and we couldnt get an insurer for under £1000, which is more than what the car is worth.
OK, just got it for £915 that with my husband and I on it as additional drivers and third party fire and theft, instead of fully comp

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The value of the car is not the issue. The cost of the damage she might do is.
You are insuring a young unproven driver. Statistics say she will cost them money soon.
Just wait till the other 2 start driving too. This amount will seem quite reasonable compared to what you will see then.


Is that the price for every 6 months? If that’s the monthly price, that seems high. Did you try Safe Auto for a quot?

Aakash K

i dont know about money but allstate is good my dad has is im only 14 but its good ps best answer please


try sheilas wheels


If you have tried the comparison sites, then I very doubt you are going to get it any better, this is what quotes are new young drivers.

You should have done quotes on different cars before buying.


I have ever met this kind of situation before,here is the resource I found useful though.