Best Places To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

Where does everyone compare auto insurance quotes?. Ive been to a few sites, but they are not very useful. I’m looking to get auto insurance info by state, and also looking to read some ways to get multiple discounts on my policy. Please leave me your info on what helped you pick your auto insurance polciy

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Zillah U

Try getting an online insurance quote from one of the major insurance providers.

Great Scott


You will need your vehicle identification number, drivers license number and all your personal info.
It is a good idea to plan out the coverages you want in advance so you are comparing apples to apples.
An independent agent might be helpful, they often have access to small regional companies that others might not.
Otherwise, go to every company website you can think of and input that information you prepared.
Keep track of what bids you got, and choose from them.
This is a huge pain in the neck, but it will help you find the best coverage for the best price.

Diesel Fingers

Hit Car Insurance on the left, start from the top and do them all.
Keep a track of all prices they quote you and who quotes them (which carrier).
By the end you have pretty had quotes by everyone on the market.
Now check the data you collected and see who offers the best value.