Does anyone have progressive auto insurance?

I’m thinking about getting progressive auto insurance. If my car broke down on the freeway, will progressive tow your car for free? Do you have to pay extra for roadside service?

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Yup, mine is only 4 bucks a month…its really inexpensive.


Of course! They also have road side assistance, if you run out of gas, they’ll bring you a couple gallons to get where you can get more gas, and if you get a flat tire, they bring you a new tire…of course you’ll pay to have this convenience, but its worth it. If you have these types of questions, just call your nearst progressive and ask them these questions, nothing wrong with that, you need to find whats best for you! Good Luck!


if it is part of your policy .. they will or if you have to pay for the tow truck. they will reimburse you for the cost. we had it for over a year .but had a friend at alfa that beat there price . so we left bit progressive was good to us when we had it .