What do all of the new car insurance groups mean?

I am looking to but a second hand car but am slightly confused by all of the ´´insurance groups´´, so what does 4a mean – high/low some where in between? Does it mean that group 1 is low and group 10 (for example) is high? What about all of the letters?

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jason c

The insurance class system is based on the desirability of the car, the cost of the car, the standard security features and what potential way it will be driven.
The new classification’s came about because the old system really did not cover all the various cars out there.
The insurance groups work on the general principal that the lower the class, the lower the risk.
However this is only one part of the calculation that is use to determine an insurance premium.

Dave J

General rule 1 is a cheap, micro car like a citroen c1 or similar, group 20 is an expensive, fast car like a porsche, not 100% sure what the letters represent but have seen that also…good question 🙂

Ravey D

all insurance companys are different, some insurers groups go from 1-10 , some are fom 10- 50 some 50-100 all mean the same lower the number the cheaper the group size, the letter are for insurance purpose most vehicle have an insurance terms code ie you will have to pay an additional 50.00 excess for that type of vehicle depending on the insurer ,

wise men say

As far as i’m aware the higher the performance and risk of a car being stolen – the higher the the number, this results in higher insurance premiums!!