Car Insurance–calculating Your Premium

Car insurance is a legal requirement for anyone getting behind the wheel of a car. Whether you are a learner driver, or have been driving for 30 years, you simply cannot drive a car without having car insurance of some kind. If you are caught driving a car without car insurance, you face a hefty fine and points on your licence.
Calculating your car insurance can be difficult as there are so many things to take into account, but here we can show you how to do it easily. There are hundreds of companies offering car insurance online, and we can help you find out how to look for the cheapest car insurance online.
Before looking at what car insurance entails, lets look at the legal requirements for driving so you can see if you are eligible to take out insurance on a car.To be considered for car insurance you must be over 17 and either hold a provisional licence or a full driving licence. The vehicle you are looking to insure must fall into the categories of vehicle you are allowed to drive – and this will be shown on your driving licence, a full one or a provisional.
Calculating your car insurance and getting the cheapest car insurance online or face-to-face depends on a number of factors. Your age can play a big part as younger drivers are considered more of a risk to people offering car insurances. Any speeding convictions or points on your licence for other driving misdemeanours can also have an effect, as can the type of car you are insuring, the number of years you have when you have not claimed anything against your car insurance and the amount of people you want to add to your car insurance.
It may seem a bit confusing, but most online car insurance providers can offer quotes in minutes. Just make sure you have all your details to hand so you can answer everything that is needed.
Ideally everyone wants the cheapest car insurance. That can sometimes mean insuring yourself third party, which means you are only covered for damage inflicted by you to a third party vehicle or property. The problem with this is your car could end up with severe damage, yet you will have to cover any of these costs yourself or have the car written off, meaning the value of the car is less than the expense to repair it.
Another factor to take into account when calculating car insurance prices online or otherwise is where you will leave the car overnight. Discounts usually apply if your car is on a driveway or in a garage rather than on the street. If you have a driveway and use it, make sure you say so.
If you take all these factors into account and arm yourself with all the information before looking online for quotes, you should have no problem calculating your car insurance.
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