I just moved and am looking to find some cheap Massachusetts Auto Insurance. Can anyone recommend a place?

I just moved to Massachusetts from Rhode Island and recently purchased a new car. I need cheap insurance for my car because I am young and don’t make a lot of money. Has anyone reading had a good experience with a Massachusetts Auto Insurance Agency? I really would prefer to do this all online instead of on the phone. Websites are welcome! Thanks!
Sorry- should have been more specific- I’m in Melrose, Mass- right next to Malden. Thx!

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Hey, I went to college with a girl from Melrose!!

In Massachusetts, the rates are set by the state. The only way you can get a discount off the state set rates, is if you belong to a qualified group, like a credit union or AAA.

So, here’s a GREAT agency in MA, they’ll do it all over the phone: http://www.abodeely.com . . . Or if you belong to a credit union, call them.

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Insurance is very individual because it’s based on your drivers record, sex, age, and a number of other variables such as location, credit rating and type of vehicle being insured.


Mass. auto insurance is regulated by the state so you really dont have the option to “shop around.” The prices will not be competative.