i need home and auto insurance quotes without personal information, help?

so im doing this careers project in my math class. i need to find auto insurance and home insurance that wont ask for the following:
-phone number
-full name
help me as soon as you can, this project is due tomorrow, and ive been searching for a couple days; cant find anything!

  Zip Code:  



here are best Auto Insurance companies.

Johnny 5

You can find out average values for all insurance policies across an entire state based on age and gender by going to this website:
The data is not specific to one company though, so I’m not sure if it will satisfy the requirements of your project.


Just say it costs $230 per month for a fully comprehensive coverage on a Financed Ford Mustang 2009 age female 21.
You won’t be that far off since that is what people in that situation are paying.
You can also add that they aren’t happy paying it and that’s also the truth.


You can’t get real quotes without personal information, because one of the major rating factors for both types of policies, is your CREDIT SCORE.

Another, is the exact location of the house, or where you live (rating territory).

The best thing to do, since this is just a homework project, is do a search for a local insurance agent, and call them – and ask them to give you an estimate, for a school project. Or call your parents agent. Teachers assign this all the time, so your local agent is used to it.

You won’t be able to get quotes online, though – the whole point of those websites, is to harvest your personal information, to sell it to agents as ‘leads’.


You cannot get any quotes without giving an approximate address. Call the AAA.