can i pay monthly car insurance instead of anual car insurance?

in edmonton and vancouver
i want to get a motorcycle and a car. can i drive the car during winter and pay for like 5 months insurance and then switch to a motorcycle and pay 7 months insurance on the motorcycle and switch back and forth?
i know the insurance in edmonton costs a lot more, its a lot cheaper in vancouver. can i buy monthly insurance in both cities?

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yes, insurance can be paid monthly but it is always more expensive to pay it that way. But….. for your intended purpose it doesn’t work that way. each vehicle has to have it’s own policy so you will end up with two policy’s. In the winter You would have to cancel the cycle and start the car policy and vice versa in the spring.

“i know the insurance in edmonton costs a lot more, its a lot cheaper in vancouver. can i buy monthly insurance in both cities?” When you buy the insurance, you must state your permanent address. You can’t possibly have two permanent legal addresses.


For most young people, at least, insurance is paid monthly, and it usually stays that way. Sometimes people will quote you an annual price so you can see it in comparison to other places, but a usual quotation will still be paid off monthly.


Yes you can but for that you have make decision when buying policy. The rate is different for different payment terms


I pay my insurance monthly, that’s how i have always done it. And that’s been with several companies.


If you’re permanent residence is not in Vancouver then you cannot apply for insurance claiming Vancouver as your principal residence and then use the vehicle in Edmonton unless you’re territory is “Out-of province” with ICBC. If it is then I doubt ICBC will be cheaper than the insurers in Alberta since Out-of-province territory is the most expensive territory. If it’s not rated as an Out-of-Province territory then your insurance won’t be worth the paper it’s written on since ICBC would deny any claim since you gave false information. Plus if you were to do this you would start being fined in Alberta for having an improperly registered vehicle since any vehicle that is going to be in the province for more than 30 days must be registered in Alberta (the same applies in BC and pretty much every province in Canada).
If you wish to pay monthly with ICBC then you need to take out a six month or annual policy. Then you can pay the premiums monthly. You can take out a 7 month policy and a 5 month policy with ICBC, however you cannot pay monthly. However the vehicle and the motorcycle will need two separate since they have two separate plates.