cheapest car insurance companies for boston area?

i am looking for a cheap insurance company my husband is buying a plymoth grand voyager tomorrow, a family pleasure driving only vehicle. what comapnies in the boston,cambridge chelsea, area is the best and cheapest?

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Since auto insurance rates are determined by the State, it will be the same rate no matter where you go. Go to an independent agent in your area, that way, you have local service & that is really all you are shopping for in MA. There may be some small discounts for being members of groups (teacher, AAA, member of BJs) things like that. But, only an agent can tell you what is available from the companies he or she represents. It is a tough market in MA, sorry.

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Insurance is very individual and is based on your age and driving record, among the other factors that you mentioned (type of car, location). Because of these factors, a company that gives me cheap insurance may give you expensive insurance.

The best way to find the lowest prices, is to get an online insurance quote at

This will compare all companies in Boston and find you the lowest prices.

i hope that helps


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