Average rate for motorcycle insurance?

I am looking to buy my first motorcycle but before I do I need to figure out how much insurance will cost but to be honest I don’t know much about motorcycle insurance. I was hoping if someone can tell me what the best deals will be. The bike will be a Suzuki SV650 if that helps and I am 22 year old college student. I know that it will be higher if I haven’t payed the bike completely off yet and I am planning on taking a safety course so I think that will lower it, still… can anyone help me figure this out?

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call progressive with the vin# they will give you a quote over the phone


Since you are planning on buying your first bike, I would definitely buy a used bike. At least a 600cc bike, so you will not get bored of it. I recently bought a used 1996 Honda cbr 600 f3 and it is a blast to drive. It is very easy to drive, but has enough high end power to put a grin on my face. I ended up going with progressive insurance, with full coverage on it. I ended up paying around $650 for the full year. I am 21 years old and a clear record when I registered the bike. Like the other guy mentioned, find out the vin # of the bike you want and get a free quote on the bike from progressive. You said that you would get a safety course discount so I am sure it will be much less then mine, since I didn’t have any discounts. I used to have a clear record until I bought this bike. I recently got pulled over by a cop doing over 65mph in a 25mph zone. I am awaiting my court date, and I am expecting a big fine for my first time ever offense. Good luck and enjoy your new ride.