Can holders of UK driving licenses obtain car insurance in USA to buy a car?

I want to buy car in USA and use for 6 months, I do not want to hire.

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Yes you can, although you will have to find a insurance company willing to do it. In US not all of the companies will do it. Take also in account that since you do not have a US driving record, your insurance fee will be higher than somebody with a good driving history, even if you are a good driver.


Some companies will insure you, others will not in the US, you will just have to check around. Some of the large car insurance companies in the US are Nationwide, Allstate and State Farm. It won’t matter whether your license is for manual or automatic (I’m assuming they issue separate licenses for manual and automatic transmissions in the UK) because the US issues one license regardless of which kind you know how to drive. The insurance covers both you and the car, depending on what type of policy you get. It generally covers you in that it pays medical bills of anyone injured due to your driving. The insurance covers the car in the instance that it is damaged by something such as hail, being hit in a parking lot and nobody having witnessed it, or even hitting a patch of ice and swiping a tree. Your insurance rate will also depend largely on your age and where in the US you get it (it is based on the accident ratio in that area, etc.) Hope that helps :).


Well, I think personally, having a UK driving license trumps a US one, since they can drive a manual car with an automatic license (or so I’ve been told).

Also, I’ve been told that in the US it’s you and not the car that’s insured. Not 100% sure, but I was told this by my solicitor friend, so I am inclined to believe them.


I see no reason why you couldn’t obtain insurance from an American company. All it should take would be a few phone calls and decide which company to use. Granted, some may not wish to insure your vehicle. And, auto insurance would be valid only in the U.S. If you travel to Mexico you would probably need a special rider on the policy.

One poster said she wasn’t sure if the car or the person was insured. Well, it’s kind of both. The policy is broken down into various parts and there may be 25k dollars medical per person up to a limit of 250k or whatever the policy states.

Also, there is something called uninsured motorist claims. That’s if someone hits you, runs off and you have no one else to file a claim against. This can be used for medical, personal injury, etc. up to the policy amount.

You might have more trouble getting a car loan for six months. Or, if you buy a car outright with cash, they’re going to ask where you got the money. I think anything over 10k dollars is subject.

Next problem would be when the six months is over, selling the car. It may be cheaper for you to lease a car for six months. You can also rent cars by the week and probably by the month but I think your best option would be to think of leasing.

For a long term situation, I believe leasing isn’t a good option. For a short term such as six months, leasing might be an attractive option for you.

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