The Esure car insurance advert.Has anybody else noticed the slip up?

When that woman speaks at the end and tells us how great they are she scratches her face which is a clear sign she’s lying? Check it out next time.
No,not the cartoon adverts whatever that is,I’m clean at the moment.It’s in the Uk by the way.

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Haha, I just turn it over as soon as Michael Winner comes on screen – I hate that advert! I’ll keep an eye out for it though, if I can get to the end without killing myself!


wow i never noticed that
butt all insurance sucks


Are you referring to Esurance and the CARTOON commericals they have? You are looking into things waaayyy too much


lol I will have to pay attention next time I see the commercial. I love my insurance company (state farm), they treat me really well (even sent me a book on pregnancy when I became pregnant).


Ahhhhhh……don’t you just LOVE body language??

Another good reason to call or go by your LOCAL independent insurance agent! There you can sit down in front of a professional licensed agent and read all the body language that you want!

Good luck and I hope this helps!