Obama’s universal healthcare Plan incites mass murder? If true then Obama MUST BE STOPPED!!

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OBAMA IS NOT THE MESSIAH! please dont believe in this bull.


Hitler was better looking lol


I wish you right-wing religious nuts would stay out of politics. When the actual anti-christ comes it will probably look more like Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney (did you know that Mitt never has to comb his hair? That’s a sure sign of the anti-christ). No one mentions the messiah except you religious zealots and Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh likes to get the religious wing-nuts all agitated by calling Obama the messiah. Rush knows how to push their buttons. You just keep waiting for the rapture.


maybe you should look at the healthcare bill yourself


this is the stupidest fucking thing i have ever seen in my entire life, go get a job you faggot, and stop insulting Obama, at least Obama is being constructive and trying to help the country, and if you are seriously comparing him to Hitler than you need a psychological evaluation asap, before you “inadvertently” swallow a dildo and choke to death


Great Video! I’m a jew myself so I am afraid of being killed by Obama. Your videos do speak the truth.


So you want someone who was not elected by the American people to become the new dictator? You are anti American and a fascist and before you call me a liberal I am against the health care bill as well. Thank God America isn’t run by Nazi’s like you. Just socialists.


Ameritards, in general, are one of the most undisciplined when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. I see so many people every day who are basically immobile, the sole reason appears to be they are FATBUCKETS. Also the amount of people in this country who abuse drugs/alcohol/food, has to be one of the highest in the world. Maybe the government should encourage insurance companies to give BIG discounts to their insured clients, for meeting certain health markers (weight, bp, nonsmoker,etc).


seriously thats pathetic he’s trying to help


ROFL. This is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time.