what is the cheapest car insurance around?

I still want good coverage but am so confused by all the ads. geico? aig? mercury? ahhhh so many I am a 21 yr old female with a good driving record I have had my license since I was 16. Please help!!

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It always depends on the person. You will actually have to get a insurance quote from the company itself. I couldn’t tell you that my insurance company is the best priced, cause for you it might not be the best. Most of the time you can get an online quote and find out for sure. I would suggest getting quotes from at least 5 of the major companies. If you aren’t happy with those, get from more and compare. Just remember that with different deductibles and coverage amounts it will vary so make sure you are consistent with what you ask for from each company. Use the same #’s for all of the quotes. I know that progressive says they will quote you rates for various other companies, but unless you double check it I am not sure I would trust it. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy driving.:-) Check the url below.