Compare Auto Insurance Quotes With Local Agents?

I know there are many different sites where I can compare auto insurance quotes. I am wondering if there are any sites that have local agents available on them? My local agent just retired and I am looking around for new coverage, I just don’t want to call everyone in the phone book you know.

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ron t

Get a 1 minute car insurance quote from a top referred good local company.

A good car insurance company needs to be local, so if you ever have any problems you can stop by the office immediately. Plus dealing with someone face to face is always better business. How can a customer service rep that is hundreds of miles away know exactly what you are needing where you are?

You need to be able to communicate with your insurance agent, build a relationship with them, because you plan on staying with them for a long time. Remember their service that you are paying for is to PROTECT YOU & YOUR FAMILY.

In most cases “the average person” spends hours looking for an insurance company, you want to make sure you are choosing the best options for you and your family. So you can’t blame “the average person” for making this mistake, I call it a mistake because there are better options, than spending hours on something that can be done in minutes.

I have found a site that gives you top referred local insurance providers, and their quotes in 1 minute. All you have to do is enter in your state, then your zip code and follow the instructions. It’s that simple, nothing else to it.

Then you decide from those insurance companies, who is going to protect you and your family and get your business. Now deciding what insurance company to choose from is easy, all of the top referred local companies are right in front of you.

I would then contact the referred insurance agents by phone, about the possible insurance policy just quoted. Make sure you ask about any possible discounts that might apply to you, some insurance companies give discounts for parking your car in the garage. You will never know unless you ask so ask, because a lot of little money saved can add up.

Make sure you check out you will be alright.

What is the worst that can happen, you find a good car insurance company, with a good rate, and a local agent in as little as 1 minute.

Be safe and take care.


I suggest using a website like or even

all you have to do is enter your zipcode and they will walk you through the rest

Tom M

insurance is too important to be concerned about doing things quick. take your time. it is expensive, and if done wrong could cost you much more. check in person with the largest companies. remember that if you have any problems, you will want to talk to a person, not an e-mail. someone a thousand miles away will not care any about you or your problem. Take your time and do it wright.


I don’t know of any websites that compare agents, just companies. These websites usually give out inaccurate quotes, so your best bet is to contact an actual agent.

Ron T’s response is so lengthy & rehearsed that it has to be spam. Plus, any quote done in one minute will not be accurate nor will it be tailored to meet your needs.

You current agent will most likely work out a deal with another agent (hopefully a local one) to buy or transfer your agent’s policies. If you have not been notified of who has purchased the policies yet, try contacting your current agent for info. if the deal is still pending, your agent will be bound by law to not give out specific details, so don’t take that as a sign of “shiftiness”. If for some reason you don’t like the agent who is purchasing the policies or if you don’t want to wait around to see who that will be, then Lisa’s suggestion of going to your company’s website for other local agents who represent your company is the next best step. If there are none that you like there, then contact another agent in your area for quotes with different companies.


If you want to stay with the same company and just switch agents, go to your company’s website and they usually have the option of searching for local agents. You can then just do an agent of record change to the new agent.

Mark A

Ron T gave you a very good answer. As an alternate check, remember that State Farm and Allstate control about 2/3’s of the car insurance polices. So make sure you get their quotes as a good base line and talk to the agent about optional coverages such as towing, etc.
Know do some online work and you’ve hopefully got a competitive rate.