Home, Car, Health insurance? How to Get?

How can I get car, health, home, insurance. What documents do I need to present, do I need car insurance to drive in every state? does any company provides the three services? What is the best way to acquire them? what steps should I follow?

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Call any insurance agent or broker in the phone book where you live and they can assist you. Most states, you do need a minimum of 15,000 per person/30,000 per accident/ 5,000 property damage to license your vehicle. You need to show proof of a license, and in most cases, proof that the car is street legal. (a physical inspection by the agent is usually sufficient). If you have any moving violations, you must disclose them. If you have good grades, or are married, or have teenagers who will soon be driving, all that must be discussed as that effects your premium.

Home insurance is almost as easy. Take a look at what the mortgage company requires for the replacement cost of the building. Then determine what your liabilty limits are, and how much you think you have for personal possessions. The agent usually calculates that for you. If you go with the same company for your home and auto, you usually get a multiple line discount.

Get several quotes showing the same coverage for each so you can compare the quotes side by side.


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You need car insurance to drive in every state except NH and WI. Most companies that do home insurance do car insurance, but usually don’t do health insurance.

The best thing to do is sit down with a local, independent agent. Likely he can handle all three types of insurance policies, with different companies. AND, he’ll explain to you what you need, what the coverages are, and what he thinks you should get.