What are some really good auto insurance companies?

I just turned 18 and my parents are basically kicking me off the insurance. i need some good but affordable car insurance (full coverage) What insurance company are you with and about how much is it a month for 1 driver?

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There are many good companies throughout the U.S. that offer excellent coverage and claim services. However, they are not cheap. You get what you pay for.

As to an approximate premium, that would depend on many factors…none of which you told us other than your age.

I would suggest you go on line and google car insurance quotes. A site will come up that you can use…where you can put in all the pertinent info. Do keep in mind though, that the quotes given on line may be totally different than what they will really charge you after they have done your background check. Your driving record, credit card information and credit rating will be checked and that along with your age and the desired coverage will determine whether or not they are willing to cover you at all…and what they will charge. You are at the worst possible point in life to buy car insurance. Right now, your premiums will be higher than at any other time. Your next step down may be 21 yrs. old…and then again at 25 yrs.


Try this site


here you can get quotes from different companeis so you can find the best option for you.