What is the cheapest car insurance in San Francisco?

i live in san francisco and im 21 years old. my driver’s licensed is less than a year because i am new to america, but i was driving in the Philippines for 4 years and still have a valid Philippine drive’s licensed. i drive a 2010 toyota corolla s. im having a hardtime because im paying 240 dollars a month in ALL STATE insurance. can somebody give me advice to get a cheaper insurance?

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I recently got my auto insurance quote from this site and I saved about $600.


All you can do is shop around in the Yellow Pages and see what you can find. According to their TV ads, every company out there can save you at least $350 over every other one, but the only way to find out is to call and get quotes from them. However, at 21 with a new car, presumably financed, you’ll have to carry the most expensive coverages–comp and collision–so it won’t be cheap anywhere.

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