How much will my geico auto insurance rates go up after an accident?

If I’ve had a couple of accidents in years past, currently pay about 1,200/year for geico. I just had a very minor fender bender in which I sustained no damage but the other car (a BMW) got 2 scratches on the rear. How much can I expect my insurance rates to go up when this is all reported?

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why is this in beauty


Why is this in beauty??


There many variables to consider here making your question difficult to answer. Here are some things to consider:

Were you at fault- If yes:

Will Geico need to pay out more than the threshold (for example $750) for damages to the other person’s vehicle damage- If yes:

You will be surcharged anywhere from 1 to 4 points on your policy for that accident—on top of any existing accidents. Yes, your rates will indeed go up.

Also: If you are a youthful driver (16 to 24) you can expect an even higher increase.
Or: if you have other youthful driver besides you (for example you are parent and have your 16 yr old daughter on the policy) then same thing, a high increase.

All that being said. There are about 20 variables that are considered in your rate if not more. No one will be able to give you a straight answer or amount because there are no cut-and-dry rates. However, once you have reported the claim, ask to speak with the service department- in most cases they can approximate what your next renewal will be WITH the accident.

Good luck and hope this helped 🙂


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