What are some discounts that many auto insurance companies offer that might help save some money?

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I just earned my drivers liscence. My father is dreading the cost of adding another driver to the family auto insurance policy. What are some discounts that many insurance companies offer that might help save my dad some money when the premium is due?

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Depends on the company and the state that you live in. Auto insurance is regulated by each state so it can differ from state to state.

Some companies might offer:
-Good student discount (if you have a B or better average, so 3.0 or higher)
-Driver Training discount (if you got your drivers license through an ‘on the road’ driver training course and got a certificate stating you completed the course
-Some companies offer a book to be completed to make you designate driving goals to make you aware of your driving skills.

If there are 3 cars in the house and 3 drivers in the house, you will probably have to be put as a primary operator of a car, BUT if threre are 2 cars in the house and 3 drivers in the house you could probably be rated as an occational operator of the vehicle.

Just offering some suggestions for you!

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Amy E

good grades
some offer programs you can do to become a good driver..that gives a discount.
Don’t be put as the primary driver on the newest vehicle..

Grease Monkey

The main saving is done via shopping around. The way I do it is I wait till I am due for renewal then I shop around and when I find the cheapest quote I ask my insurers if they can match it, if they
cannot then I do not renew and go with the new guys.
In your case you can also take driver’s ed and do good at school.
Here’s some sites I often get quotes from:
If it helps you out please remember me 🙂