Am I able to get car insurance in Ca if I only have my permit?

I am seeking the cheapest insurance in Ca also if anyone has any info the help is really appreciated I just would like to know if I am able to do it without my license or if I must have my license first before I do anything?

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Sam – check this one. As I remember they have lowest car insurance rates for teens and young drivers.

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yu get it right when you get yur license and you are insured by the car owners insurance

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Maybe You should google it at first hand ,nevertheless, if you like some direct resource ,here should be helpful.


If you are going to be the only driver on the policy, then you will need to have your license and not just a permit to obtain insurance.


With a permit you will never be in the vehicle alone, and the person supervising you will be responsible for whatever you do, and the insurance on the vehicle covers it, to with a permit you don’t need insurance. Once you have your license and can be in the car alone is when you do need insurance.

Most beginning drivers are under age 18, and can’t have their own policy, so are added to their parents policy as a secondary driver.