Guys Should Mimic Girls for Cheap Women’s Car Insurance Rates

Fellas – are you tired of the ladies getting all the best deals on car insurance? Ladies get a pretty good offer with cheap women’s car insurance companies offering severely discounted rates. However, the reason why cheap women’s car insurance exists in the first place is that women didn’t want to pay higher premiums for the mistakes of men.The harsh reality is that cheap women’s car insurance is cheaper because women driver slower and safer than their male counterparts. It isn’t all doom and gloom though. If you aspire to compete with the women for the cheapest car insurance, there are a few things you can do to reduce your insurance quote.First off, making your car “insurer friendly” is a good idea to attract the cheapest insurance rates. Being insurer friendly means having a vehicle which is not specially modified but is of normal manufacturer’s specifications. Spoilers, lowered suspension and fatter tires are a one-way ticket to more expensive car insurance.Picking a car with a smaller engine will not only ensure that you slow down but will also give you cheaper insurance rates. Smaller engines cannot produce the same power as the larger engines which will mean you have a curtailed speed and acceleration whilst driving, two things that cheap women’s car insurance companies admire in their customers.Keeping your car secure will also make it more insurer friendly. Most modern vehicles are fitted with immobilisers as standard but if your vehicle doesn’t have one then this can bring down your insurance. Parking your car off the road, preferably in a garage, will also improve the security of the car and reduce the chance of it being stolen or damaged accidentally.Once you have made your car insurer friendly, it’s time to make yourself as appealable to insurers as possible in order to get the cheapest rates available. One way you can opt to make your car insurance cheaper is to increase the voluntary excess on your policy. By agreeing to pay more of the cost of repair should something go wrong, the insurer has less at stake, therefore offering cheaper rates.Lastly, if you are really keen to get the same kind of rates offered by  cheap women’s car insurance providers, then the answer is to drive more like them. Slow down, be more defensive and rack up your no-claims bonus, that way you’ll soon be able to get very cheap car insurance.
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