Can non-residents get comprehensive car insurance in Australia?

I am in Australia on a working holiday visa. I have bought a car and want to insure it. I understand that I get third party insurance with the rego but want to get some comprehensive insurance as well. I have been told by some people that I cannot do this as I am not an Australian resident.

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yes you can get comp insurance for ur car even if u are on holiday visa….the insurance u are getting with rego is comp third party((((Ctp)) which only covers injuries …it does not cover liability to other cars… you have two options…take thirdparty insurance which will cover liability to other cars and property if u are at fault and premium is very small
other option is taking comp car insurance in which ur car is covered for everything like damage to ur car other cars and properties and even if its stolen


you can have insurance no matter your a resident or on a visitor visa and good to hear you are thinking of it so many come here and buy a car to see the country and do not have any insurance and if they are unlucky enough to have an accident they just go home to their country knowing the cost to chase after them is more than the damage bill they have left behind
the insurance you can get is
full comprehensive covers your car and anything you collide with
third party/fire &theft covers any thing you hit plus your car if it is stolen or damaged by fire
third part only cover what you hit or damage

the mysterious stranger

course you can
you can even pay by the month with auto deductions from the bank.
thank god you have the brains to think of this.