Would it save money to divide family members onto two different auto insurance companies instead of just one?

We are trying to reduce our monthly car insurance payment. There are 4 adults on the family policy. My 2 kids live at two different addresses. One is 22 and the other is 24. We have a 2000 SUV, a 2006 Saturn, 2001 Toyota Echo, and 1994 Ford Taurus. We want full coverage on all except the Taurus. Would it save to divide the family onto different 2 different policies from 2 different companies?

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Officially, you are not supposed to carry family members who are not college students living at a different address on your policy. So you should have 3 different policies .


Each of your kids should have their own policy and you should have one on the cars garaged at your address. The only way to have them on one policy is if they are students away from home.
It may not be cheaper, but it is the way they should be written.


Yes, that would probably help reduce cost. You may want to try getting a quote online. I am paying less than ½ of what I was before.

Go to: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Refby=615451&Type=auto

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You can carry as many people and vehicles on your policy as you like. Health insurance has restrictions on carrying non -student adults. As was posted prior, most ins. companies have multi-car discount. FYI: we saved a HUGE amt with State Farm when we switched from Allstate after 15 years and State Farm was voted again this year for having the best coverage for the lowest rate on auto insurance. Good Luck


Almost all insurance companies provide a multi-vehicle discount, however the stipulation is that there be a single principal operator on all vehicles, or two operators who are married (legal or common law), with no occasional operator. In your case you have four vehicles and four operators, therefore the vehicles that you and your spouse are listed as principal operators should receive a multi-vehicle discount as insurers assume that when you and your spouse go out (or even possibly going to work) you will be taking one car, therefore the average annual mileage for the two vehicles will be lower. However the discount would not be extended your kids’ vehicles. It might be possible to save money by checking to see if there’s another insurer who might be able to insure you kids’ vehicles for less, while keeping you and your spouse’s vehicle under the same policy.


Usually not – but ask your agent to run quotes both ways to see what happens.


you can check online if it helps reduce cost


You usually save when you carry more vehicles on one policy.
Most companies offer a multi vehicle discount.