What Kind of Discounts do Auto Insurance Companies Give?

I’m going to be talking to an insurance agent later on, and i want to write down a list of discounts to ask them about.Please let me know your ways to gets discounts from the auto insurance companies.. I’m 29
drive a 98 camero

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If you own your car you can get liability only, that will halve your premium.
You can also shop around for the best price, and shave another 30% or more, depending how deep your search is.
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or any or all from
it isn’t as if it costs money to get priced up, time is all you need.
Good luck.


It varies from company to company. Each company sets up their rate plan (the mathematical formula they use to calculate your premium) differently, giving different values to different factors. One company might favor older drivers, one younger, another might be set up to favor only the very safest drivers. You have to compare different companies to make sure you have the right fit. If the agent you are meeting with is an independent agent, he or she can compare several companies for you. If they only deal in one company, I recommend some comparison shopping before you sign anything.