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I have a Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC 1991 japanese import but the V5 doc actually says its a “PRELUDE 2.0I” but also says the CC is “2200 CC”? What information do i give when getting car insurance as the CC figures are conflicting? 2.0i or 2.2 Vtec? Also does anyone recommend any cheap insurers of […]

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I am looking to but a second hand car but am slightly confused by all of the ´´insurance groups´´, so what does 4a mean – high/low some where in between? Does it mean that group 1 is low and group 10 (for example) is high? What about all of the letters?

Phillip and Cornbreadd have a discussion about politics, women, and car insurance..enjoy!

Car insurance for a driver is must in all states in United States and every state has their own car insurance laws and you are supposed to abide by the law of the land. Although in majority of the states, the premium amount for car insurance is very high and therefore for getting an affordable… Most parents expect to pay higher premiums for their teenage drivers. However, with a little leg work, you may be able to minimize the increase in monthly payments. With the use of online assistance, car insurance for young people can be found at huge discounts. Although insurance companies automatically place young drivers in a […]

Im with allstate right now for my car. and they are charging arm and a leg. I need a cheep car insurance. In florida.

If you are planning on driving whilst on your holiday it is very important that you do some research to ensure that you not only stay on the right side of the road but also the right side of the local law! In some countries the basic rules of the highway will be the same […]

Are you currently looking for better car insurance rates at a discount car insurance comparison site? What was the reason that led you to start looking online for better car insurance rates. Is it because  you hate spending so much on car insurance and would like to enjoy getting the better treatment that you deserve […]

hi… just wondered if anybody out there had an email address for budget car insurnce that works???? thanks want to email massive complaint. sik of speakin to them

If you would like to pay less for your car insurance contact Zurich ( You’ll be surprised what you can save. We could give you up to £128 off your current premium, and up to 9 years No claims discount as well as a complimentary courtesy car. Call Zurich on 0800 22 66 77. Or […]

…It was insured yesterday afternoon.

That antique car you got in your garage for so many years needs to be insured, just like any other normal car would be. But, standard policies don’t normally apply to antique cars. They need something different. Most people think that it’s quite hard to get insurance for an antique car, but the truth is […]

You can use these internet quote forms to get policies for yourself, and for everbody in your family. You can even research all of the available car insurance discounts you may qualify for. How do Insurance Companies Set Preiums? Well, your own premiums will depend upon a variety of unique…

Im currently doing an assignment where I have to compare running costs of three different cars. I can’t get an online quote for comprehensive insurance for these three luxury cars: Let’s say the driver is a 30 year old with a perfect history/driving record. BMW 740i (Price: $183,000) Audio RS4 (Price: $187,500) Mercedes CLK-63 AMG […]

Whether you are looking to buy a new car insurance policy or already have a policy, car insurance is something that most of us would rather avoid. After all, it costs money and is one of those services that you hope you will never need to use. Further, car insurance policies can be complicated as […]

At you can compare over 80 BMW Classic Car Insurance schemes online. All BMW classic series models catered for with large discounts

Talk about green cars has gone on for a long time now but only until recently has this talk been matched by action. Recent releases by some the world’s top brands has seen green cars become very popular. As well as green cars, electric cars are also seeing an upturn in fortunes as people look […]

A car accident can be a harrowing and traumatic event. One will be shaken and often not thinking clearly. If you are involved in a car accident, you have to think about your condition as well as the events that took place because you will most likely have to file a car insurance claim. In […]

Auto insurance car insurance Group’s begins its existence in the field of insurance because of its founder. After 20 years of work by him the Auto insurance century car insurance is similar to a cooperative where policy holders work together to finance and insure the losses of the other policy…

I am in Australia on a working holiday visa. I have bought a car and want to insure it. I understand that I get third party insurance with the rego but want to get some comprehensive insurance as well. I have been told by some people that I cannot do this as I am not […]

I am an international student in US and I am going to buy a car. However, I don’t know which insurance company has car insurance for international student. Can anyone tell me some infomation about it, scuh as the name of the company or how much it costs?

Here’s something you may not know! There is a very good chance that the car insurance rate you are paying right now is a direct result of your gender. Sometimes your gender will play a very significant role in the rate that you are quoted for car insurance. When it comes to car insurance rates, […] Free $50 gas card when signing up for La Plata car insurance. Call now 301-870-2625 for your La Plata car insurance quote. I’m Tom Grillo your local La Plata car insurance specialist. My office is located in downtown La Plata, MD. I also offer homeowners insurance and life insurance in the La Plata area.

How can I get car, health, home, insurance. What documents do I need to present, do I need car insurance to drive in every state? does any company provides the three services? What is the best way to acquire them? what steps should I follow?

College students and graduates have to locate their own insurance after leaving the comforts of home. Health insurance is often seen as the most important policy a student can possess. The millions of drivers who use their vehicle on a daily basis would attest to the need for quality car insurance following graduation. There are […]

I definitely need to replace my cars windscreen I got full Elephant car insurance. How does this system work? Who should I call and how much excess I will need to pay? Thank you.

When that woman speaks at the end and tells us how great they are she scratches her face which is a clear sign she’s lying? Check it out next time. No,not the cartoon adverts whatever that is,I’m clean at the moment.It’s in the Uk by the way.

I want to buy car in USA and use for 6 months, I do not want to hire.

  Owning a car means high costs and that’s even before you’ve taken your car insurance into account. Even if you’ve found that sporty convertible that you’ve been after for a long time at a cheaper price, you may be shocked by the insurance you’ll have to pay for this dream car. Making sure your […]

in edmonton and vancouver i want to get a motorcycle and a car. can i drive the car during winter and pay for like 5 months insurance and then switch to a motorcycle and pay 7 months insurance on the motorcycle and switch back and forth? i know the insurance in edmonton costs a lot […] Shopping for cheap car insurance for women? Here are insurance myths we have heard! Insurance rates drastically drop when a driver turns 25. This is generally true, but not a guarantee. Depending on your vehicle, claims history and customers like you, your rate may increase! Want a cheap car insurance online quote? Visit […]

Nodding dog Churchill goes on a sponsored parachute jump and has to try and avoid a spiky end! Get free breakdown cover from Green Flag when you buy a Churchill car insurance policy. Offer ends 31st March 2010. Visit cheap car insurance for women UK drivers FREEPHONE 0800 440 2401 Has your car been awarded best value insurer in NSW? NRMA Insurance has. NRMA Insurance was awarded best value car insurer by CANNEX (Sept 2007). So unless your car takes care of itself, it’s time to get a better deal on your insurance. For all the savings and benefits you could be missing call […]

In a fast paced developing world, we can find luxury everywhere. From bed rooms to cocktail parties, money is shelled out for a luxurious outlook and feel. Luxury is the exhibition of one’s status, money, power and helps one to gain respect in the society. In the trading class of the society, luxury is often […]

I recently opened up a policy with Mercury car insurance because they gave me the best quote. A month later my roomate was doing research and found a large amount of people giving bad reviews of Mercury car insurance. Since I don’t know anyone who has Mercury car insurance I was hoping someone out there […] Get Cheap Car Insurance. The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes. Lowest property Insurance rates online.

When it comes to that time of year to renew car insurance, in general most people will simply plod along with the same insurer year after year. The question is why? Surveys show that on average people save around £150 if you have 4 years or more no claims, and much more if you are […]

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Enterprise car rentals are a great option if you are looking for a temporary vehicle for hire. There are over 7,000 enterprise car rentals running in several countries it is guaranteed that Enterprise is a company that has gained a lot of fameand found worthy to achieve such success.Enterprise car rentals offers you a choice […]