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I just moved to Massachusetts from Rhode Island and recently purchased a new car. I need cheap insurance for my car because I am young and don’t make a lot of money. Has anyone reading had a good experience with a Massachusetts Auto Insurance Agency? I really would prefer to do this all online instead […]

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Oklahoma drivers pay around $678 per year for auto insurance, less than drivers in 37 other states. If you’re paying too much, you need to know where to find low cost Oklahoma auto insurance quotes. Here’s where.

Moving from Petal,MS (7500) to Truth or Consequences (app7500) . Anyone know if the rates are substantially different?

The following is an expert answer given by Florida Premises Liability Lawyer, Joseph M. Maus, and taken from AllExperts.com, a free Q & A service on the internet: Question: In June my daughter got off of the public bus and crossed the street as a pedestrian and was hit by a vehicle that went around […]

Everyone is familiar with how car insurance works. Its available to all. Its pretty cheap. They can’t drop you from coverage even if you are a drunk driver. Once you have a accident they dont raise you rates too much. Why can’t health care be more like Geico (insurance) and your local car repair man […]

When we’re off on our holidays the last thing we want is to have to be stuck in airports at the mercy of airlines that are afraid of a bit of fog/wind. This is clear from the chaos at airports this holiday season, but if you’ve travelled in the summer chances are you’ll know what […]

It is common for some car accident victims not to seek treatment right away. Many injuries are not felt immediately following a car accident. It is best not to wait too long because this can cause more damage to you and create doubt in insurance companies as to the truthfulness of the injuries. To learn […]

Virtually all states within the U.S. have laws governing the minimum amount of auto insurance coverage you must have. In the states that don’t, have financial responsibility laws that state you have to be able to furnish proof of the ability to pay for both bodily and property damage resulting from an auto accident up […]

If you want to get fair compensation for your injuries and damages, you really need an attorney. The insurance companies do not pay out what is fair just because you’ve paid all your premiums. Call an attorney you can trust. Call Mike Schafer at (502) 584-9511 or visit our website at www.mikeschaferlaw.com.

I need local auto Insurance companies, in my city or state. I dont need those ‘MainStream places” I need Local places in New Orleans, La

Is there a website that has Arizona Auto Insurance Questions that I can study for my test? I have my test next week and need to get some questions to get prepared!

Visit www.garymartinhays.com to find out! Georgia Car Accident Injury Lawyers Injured in a car wreck? Family member killed in an auto accident? If you are concerned about what you should do and what will happen, compassionate and experienced help is just a phone call away. Contact the Georgia car accident injury lawyers of Gary Martin […]